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#365DaysOf Happiness Day 20

A fresh dough bakes in a relatively small appliance on the counter top. Scent of homemade bread wafting through the air; progressively reaching further and further until the whole house is touched.

It’s just not something you get to experience when you buy bread from the store; an experience lacking.

The sense of smell links to memories of days long gone. Nostalgia warming the heart as butter melts into the top crown.

My daughter and I have been making this bread and variations of it since she was very little. She gets so excited when we need to make more.

1 cup water

1 egg

Pinch of salt

2 Tbls honey

2 tbls olive oil

2 1/4 cup all purpose flour

2 tsp yeast (bread machine)

Bread Machine. Light crust setting.

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#365DaysOf Happiness Day 19

Painting this again.

It’ll progress slowly. I didn’t elaborate on the story behind the painting (Day 9). 

Catch Up Info (if you dont want to go back) I only said that I got it as a gift for Christmas. 

Have you ever heard of those paint night classes? You pay an amount to go to a restaurant, a teacher instructs you on how to paint a certain picture, and all the supplies are provided. 

I’ve been interested in going, however there are a few problems. 

It’s expensive. They average $60. Which is great for what you get; don’t get me wrong. Supplies probably take up two thirds of that price and a meager $20 per person for the instructors time. But it’s expensive when you are a stay at home mom/indie author with a shift work husband. It’s not just $60. It’s $60, plus whatever I’d have to pay a babysitter, plus gas to get downtown and back, parking and whatever I decide to eat or drink while there. 

They always seem to be at bars. Aka. The need for a baby sitter rather than having her accompany me. I follow a seemingly unpopular opinion on parenting that I don’t do babysitting. My kid has never been babysat by anyone. She’s been looked after by people for 5 to 30 minutes or so, with me no further than a shout or a minutes walk when required. But we don’t believe in dropping our kid off with someone and running away for hours while she’s still a toddler. Just not our thing.

And if you think I can time it to fit in with my husband’s schedule, you have more faith then I have.

Then, what if I don’t like the painting that’s being done that night?

What if they force me to socialize and interact with a bunch of people? (Social anxiety)

Anyway, so a friend of mine thought this would be a nice alternative. 

So she got us both the same picture (because we both picked the same one), and that was my Christmas present. 

We’ve committed to getting together to paint them a few times a month. Which means we see each other more regularly.

Supper, drinks, and painting. My toddler even gets in on the fun by painting her own pictures.

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#365DaysOf Happiness Day 18

Playing hide and seek with my toddler in an open concept basement with a limited number of places to hide.

Oh, and she generously gives me a quick “1-2-3 ready or not here I come.” Side note: She gets a slow count to ten and the same warning.

So, as I dash behind the nearest piece of furniture or hide under a blanket, she finishes her countdown. If she doesn’t see me in the first place she looks, she starts calling out, “Mommy, where are you? Oh no. Mommy gone. Forever and ever.”

She’s adorable.

In my best hiding place (under a blanket on the couch)  Siren decided to visit and give away my position.

Currently, we are taking a short break so she can clean out her toy box for her next hiding place.

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#365DaysOf Happiness Day 17

Play and Work Collide

Working on my cover for DV3 today. I always get excited when I get to this stage of the book. It means that it’s almost publishing time. A year’s worth of work is almost complete.

Now, this certainly won’t be the last edit of this cover. And there is one final read through edit of the novel, but it’s getting there. There is an end to the tunnel and I can see the light.

I am looking at March 15 as the publishing date. It will be available as ebook (most retailers) and paperback (mainly Chapters, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon).

As always, I will be giving away the first 100 ebook copies sold on for free.

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#365DaysOf Happiness Day 16

Sometimes it’s the little things that make one happy. 

We painted our nails in a ‘pearl’ (rose gold) colour my toddler chose. 

Yes. I’m that mom who likes to match nails with my daughter. 

I love the way my nails catch my attention through the day. Maybe it’s the moment of “oh shiny” or the pop of colour which makes me smile.

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#365DaysOf Happiness Day 15

Playing Mario Cart with my toddler. Much of the view looks something like this. 

It takes all the patience I have to counteract my competativness. She’s two. She doesn’t have to win… We don’t have to win.

I’m kidding and exaggerating; of course. She’s starting to be able to stay on the road more. Soon she’ll stay on the road, the right way, the whole time. 

But seriously, I’m starting to wonder how many times the com characters can lap us before the game shuts the race down.

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#365DaysOf Happiness Day 14

Learning shouldn’t stop just because you are no longer in school. 

Khan Academy (there’s an app and website) is a free resource of information. They gather experts to make videos and transcripts (so you can read the video in times you can’t play audio). They’ve partners with a bunch of museums, experts, schools, and companies to bring a diverse learning content. 

I’ve learned how to code a couple simple pictures, seen numerous videos about history, checked out content from different museums, learned some things about space, and introed on the process pixar goes through to make a movie. 

There’s so much more. 

I think it’s important to always be learning something. Good for a healthy brain. Good for the soul. Makes life interesting. 

Allows for complex, diverse, and informed conversations.