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#365DaysOfHappiness Day 54

Today’s happiness is from an act of kindness but you get a picture of me at Starbucks because taking pictures of strangers is weird.

We had a bunch of running around today and got a late start. This ended up with us at Costco for lunch at a super busy time. When we got our food, there was no tables left.

So, there was me and my toddler with our fabric bags, diaper bag, winter gear and a tray of food. I resigned myself to setting up shop against the side where they have standing height shelves for this purpose.

This would have meant making a sort of picnic on the ground.

However, a man sitting at one of the tables asked us to sit with him. He said he’d been there and that it’s much easier with the kid at a table.

Turns out he works for the local police, has three children between the ages of 9 and 15, and was shopping on his way back home after his shift.

It was a lovely act of kindness for him to let us sit at his table.

Made things alot easier for me (and my toddler). Lunch went smoothly instead of a possible crazy mess and/or lots of staring and mom judging.

Sometimes it’s little kind gestures which can make an immense impression on someone’s day. Small actions which can help another out in a bigger way than you know.

Thank you Dan.

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#365DaysOfHappiness Day 53

Working out a new novella idea in the bath. I’m excited about this one.

Love this bath bomb from Lush. There’s a show, turns the bath (and hands if you hold it, like you’re not supposed to) blue, and there’s glitter.

Tip: Get more out of your bathbombs by cutting them in half. Grab a butter knife and insert at the crease, then give a little tap to the butt of the knife. It should split most basic bath bombs in half.

The $7 bath bomb then becomes two $3.50 bath bombs. It’s a bit easier to swallow into the budget. And, if you’re like me, you won’t notice or miss the difference.

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#365DaysOfHappiness Day 50

Had a fun day out with my sister and my toddler. We went for lunch, swimming and to a kids play place.

We all had a blast.

Day started at 10 when Gwen arrived. We got set up to go. My tire needed to get filled up so we went to a gas station. By the time we got to the pool, We decided to have lunch first because of the toddler. So we went to Subway. Then, back to the pool and went swimming. At the center we were swimming at, they also have a play area for kids set up so we spent some time in there. By four we were done and headed home for a grilled cheese.

It was a long day, but a fun day.

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#365DaysOfHappiness Day 49

I love growing edible plants. Flowering plants are great too, and I have some of those in the kitchen. But, in my office, I have all of my edible plants.

I know it seems backwards, but my cats like to go after the plants. They seem particularly drawn to the edible plants and, for the most part, leave the flowering ones alone. So the edible ones go into my office, which gets the doors shut when we aren’t around.

I have garlic chives, parsley, and basil in the one pot (behind this one in the picture).

The one in the picture is complicated and confusing. It’s taste is somewhere between oregano and mint.

A friend gave it to me. He called it Mexican mint. It apparently goes by a bunch of different names. Wikipedia had 13 different names listed for it. Many of the names end with either mint, oregano or thyme.

It tastes good in different things and I tend to treat it more as oregano than anything else when I’m cooking with it.

Anyway, I like having the greenery in my office and it’s nice that it can also compliment my cooking with fresh herbs.

I also forgot to turn the plant for a couple months so it’s grown funny.