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Updated 05-04-2017

I am twenty five years old, mother to an almost 2 year old girl, and wife to a heavy duty mechanic. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, but raised in Leduc, Alberta by my adoptive family. At seventeen, I moved out of my parents house, and to Edmonton.

Writing wasn’t a passion of mine until I was sixteen. A couple things happened that year. My mom passed away, and I started reading more to escape. This lead me to read anything I could get my hands on, and I soon found fanfictions. Eventually, I had ideas and started writing my own AU (Alternate Universe) fanfictions. This type of fanfiction is when you take the characters and put them in a different story world.  I soon scratched those stories, and started writing my own books with my own characters.

In fact, I hated my English classes until I was sixteen. The books we read tended to be boring, the book theory even more so, poetry was supposed to be personal interpretation however interpretation was based on the teacher’s view, I hated writing essays, and well I could continue. Let’s just say I also got in trouble in grade six because I didn’t put periods in my work. Sentence structure was correct, but if the sentence ended in a period I tended not to input it.

I have two cats; Siren and Lily. Siren is grey and named for her meow. She’s very loud and vocal. Lily is a quiet white fluffy kitty.

In the winter everything is covered in a white blanket of snow and can get to -30 degrees. So, my family and I tend to stay cozy inside watching movies, doing projects/renovations around the house, playing video games, and playing whatever my daughter wants to play. If get the itching to go outside, we bundle up and go into our yard. Emily loves the snow, but doesn’t like the cold so we don’t tend to stay out there long.

It’s Spring now. We moved into a new house in November, so now that the snow is gone we are busy bees getting all our landscaping done. What a job! We had to get fifty trucks of clay hauled in so we can fix the grading. Next we’ll need to haul in black dirt and garden dirt.

We have planted six trees so far in our front yard. To make the most of them we have planted fruit trees; two sour cherry, two four graphed apple trees, a plum tree and an apricot tree. Hopefully, we’ll start to see something growing this year (though I’m not expecting much). For those of you who know fruit trees, you usually don’t start to see fruit until one to two years after planting. However, we planted an apple tree at our last place and had two apples grow the same year. So I am hoping the same thing happens this time around with all our trees.



4 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Thanks for the follow, new friend. I so enjoyed your back story. I also have cats-4 and it’s a circus here. Let’s keep in touch. I’ve written many books, Romance/Suspense and enjoy adding dogs and cats to enrich my stories.


    1. Thank you as well. You’ve had a very interesting life. Oh the stories you could tell- perhaps one of many reasons to write a book or give fuel to writing.
      I look forward to reading more. Have a great week.


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