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Author Interview: Jacey K. Dew

Hey All,

Check out this interview I did with Amanda Panda (duh). It was a pleasure to do.

While you are at it, please check out the rest of her blog.

Have an amazing week!

Amanda Panda (Duh)

Today I’d like to introduce indie author Jacey K. Dew and their book Dezirah.

Who are you?! What are your credentials? Where are you from?

My name is Jacey K Dew. I’m from Parkland County, Alberta. I’m an indie author with four books published.

What book(s) have you written?

Dezirah Volume 1, Dezirah Volume 2, Dezirah Volume 3, and Blood Mountain.

What is the title of your most recent book and how did it come to be named?

Dezirah Volume 3, which will be launching March 15th, found its name after I had finished the first character’s point of view. I ran through a number of names before I finally settled on making up a new word. The word formed as a twist on the word desire, to symbolize the revolutionist’s desire for a new world order.

What does the cover look like? 

Title in levels at the…

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