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#365DaysOfHappiness Day 34

As part of my New Year’s Resolution, I wanted to be healthier.

I made it broad because there are so many ways to be healthier; physically and mentally.

In particular, today I’m tackling the physical part.

Eating healthier and working out is a part of that.

This is the working out part. Running on the treadmill, weights, and stretching.

I’ve always had issues with my weight. I was the fat kid my whole life. Well, until grade twelve when I battled with anorexia; I was skinny but certainly not healthy. Since then, I’ve yoyoed back and forth between 150 and 200 pounds. About eight years of yoyoing.

Most recently, I hit 203. I felt gross as I always do at a high weight. I have no energy. Couldn’t make it up the stairs without huffing and puffing. Couldn’t play something physically exhausting with my toddler for more than a few minutes.

My mental health has a lot to do with the physical health. I have anxiety and depression. At their worst, these both feed and starve me. Whether, I eat my stress, or gorge or starve because I don’t care anymore.

Right now, I feel better than I have in months. And, I’m trying to do this right. Trying to eat healthier and work out.

I’m hoping to keep at it. But just because I feel great now, doesn’t mean it will last. I know there will be trip ups and I’m fine with that.

But, I’m determined to be a better influence for my toddler. My parents (love you) were horrible influences when I was growing up. Both had round bellies, ate whatever they wanted (junk food often and desserts every night), and never excersized. I have a bad metabolism and everything sticks.

It took well into an adult, still not mastered it yet obviously, to figure out how to be healthy. That’s something I’m working at.

I’ll finish this off with my new weight. 193. A result of working out and healthier eating. I’m proud that it’s been worked off, rather than completely starved off.


What's there to say? I'm diverse in interests, thoughts, and experiences. I'm human and can be hypocritical. I can fall for fads or be too stubborn to try somethings. I make mistakes, but I learn from them (eventually). I have two cats, one husband, and one child. I have an extremely large family thanks to adoption, fostering, and marriage/divorce. Through all of that, I see many walks of life.

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