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#365DaysOf Happiness Day 28

Today’s Happiness is brought to you by naps…

My toddler didn’t have a good sleep last night.

Which means, I didn’t get a good sleep last night.

However, my wonderful husband is home today.

He took our toddler once she decided she was up for the day. Played with her downstairs. Fed her dippy eggs and toast for breakfast; like he had a choice. *Background: That’s our toddler’s favourite breakfast food. Which means, it’s what she has for breakfast every single day.* Read her books. And, played videogames.

All while I got to take a nap. And, it was amazing.

Other happy things may happen today, however they will all have my nap to thank.

Note: Didn’t think you’d appreciate a nap picture, and we all would know it would be weird anyway. Either me pretending to sleep, or my husband taking a picture of me sleeping. Both are weird and not happening. So, I got an informative picture off Google. Enjoy!


What's there to say? I'm diverse in interests, thoughts, and experiences. I'm human and can be hypocritical. I can fall for fads or be too stubborn to try somethings. I make mistakes, but I learn from them (eventually). I have two cats, one husband, and one child. I have an extremely large family thanks to adoption, fostering, and marriage/divorce. Through all of that, I see many walks of life.

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