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#365DaysOf Happiness Day 20

A fresh dough bakes in a relatively small appliance on the counter top. Scent of homemade bread wafting through the air; progressively reaching further and further until the whole house is touched.

It’s just not something you get to experience when you buy bread from the store; an experience lacking.

The sense of smell links to memories of days long gone. Nostalgia warming the heart as butter melts into the top crown.

My daughter and I have been making this bread and variations of it since she was very little. She gets so excited when we need to make more.

1 cup water

1 egg

Pinch of salt

2 Tbls honey

2 tbls olive oil

2 1/4 cup all purpose flour

2 tsp yeast (bread machine)

Bread Machine. Light crust setting.


What's there to say? I'm diverse in interests, thoughts, and experiences. I'm human and can be hypocritical. I can fall for fads or be too stubborn to try somethings. I make mistakes, but I learn from them (eventually). I have two cats, one husband, and one child. I have an extremely large family thanks to adoption, fostering, and marriage/divorce. Through all of that, I see many walks of life.

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