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#365DaysOf Happiness Day 17

Play and Work Collide

Working on my cover for DV3 today. I always get excited when I get to this stage of the book. It means that it’s almost publishing time. A year’s worth of work is almost complete.

Now, this certainly won’t be the last edit of this cover. And there is one final read through edit of the novel, but it’s getting there. There is an end to the tunnel and I can see the light.

I am looking at March 15 as the publishing date. It will be available as ebook (most retailers) and paperback (mainly Chapters, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon).

As always, I will be giving away the first 100 ebook copies sold on for free.


What's there to say? I'm diverse in interests, thoughts, and experiences. I'm human and can be hypocritical. I can fall for fads or be too stubborn to try somethings. I make mistakes, but I learn from them (eventually). I have two cats, one husband, and one child. I have an extremely large family thanks to adoption, fostering, and marriage/divorce. Through all of that, I see many walks of life.

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