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#365DaysOf Happiness Day 11

Bath Time!

I used to hate baths. I went, probably, twenty years without a bath. Thought they were disgusting, lay in your own filth, things. And, what exactly are you supposed to do? Just lay there an think about life as the water gets colder?

Then, I recieved bath bombs as a present. I figured, hey I have these things so I might as well use them. I googled and asked friends for tips (seriously).

As a collective, it was suggested that I light candles, drink wine, play on my phone, do some writing and watch something on Netflix.

Well, with a new found appreciation, I’ve found out that I’m not talented enough to remember not to put my hands in the water and I don’t trust myself holding an expensive electronic over water.

So, this is my fancy bath time. Apple cinnamon woodwick candles, a Lush bath bomb called Metamorphasis, Vampire Diaries, and a Black Cherry Mikes Hard Lemonade.

This is a wonderful relaxing thing, especially after one of those days.


What's there to say? I'm diverse in interests, thoughts, and experiences. I'm human and can be hypocritical. I can fall for fads or be too stubborn to try somethings. I make mistakes, but I learn from them (eventually). I have two cats, one husband, and one child. I have an extremely large family thanks to adoption, fostering, and marriage/divorce. Through all of that, I see many walks of life.

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